Thursday, June 25, 2015

Special Edition: Girls' Camp Day Four!!!

Ok, so there's not much to post about Day Four. This'll be a much shorter post than yesterday's!!!

We again woke up at about seven. This was the worst morning yet--no surprise there, seeing that we stayed up awfully late...learn just how late and read more about Day Three here.

After packing everything and getting dressed, etc., we all wandered up to the Mess Hall in pairs or small groups. Our cabin was probably the most awake of the whole camp, which was amazing because we probably stayed up latest out of the whole camp!

Anyway, there was no Flag Ceremony or line order of the wards at the meals. Everyone just kind of drifted in and got in line. Breakfast was cereal and chocolate chip cookies. If we wanted we could fill out a survey while we ate about our experience at camp.

After breakfast and awards (our ward got the 'Jolly' Award--a bag of Jolly Ranchers--for being the most jolly ward), we cleaned our cabin and checked out with one of the members of the stake YW presidency. 

And then we left. And that was Girls' Camp 2015 for me!

Tell me about your camp experiences in the comments!

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  1. Camp isn't happening for me this year, but that's okay. Having/planning so much fun with you!