Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Special Edition: Girls' Camp Day Three!!!

It was REALLY hard to get out of bed Friday morning!!! Pure torture! The last two nights of very little sleep were catching up with me. We had forty-five minutes to get ready before flag. I think I used about the last ten of those minutes to get ready...and the first thirty-five to try and wake up. 

That last day, my Secret Sister gift was a caramel brownie Lindt chocolate bar--best. Chocolate Bar. Ever.

After flag we had a delicious 'Auntie Em's Country Breakfast with sausage, biscuits, gravy, grits, eggs, and a potato slice. Our ward had 'Kitchen Patrol' duty that meal, so when everyone else had left the Mess Hall, we attacked with cleaner, rags, brooms, and mops. We sang camp songs while we wiped tables and chairs, swept/mopped floors, and pretty much had a great time!

Then it was off to Crafts for the second time, where we found another two projects waiting. Again I was only able to start one, but at least I got out with my own level!

Next we returned to the Mess Hall and decorated brown paper bags for soldiers. The bags are going to be filled with hygiene items and other essentials that our armed forces need. 

Outside in the warm sun for level certification, we learned how to stop excessive bleeding and tie a cravat bandage with a bandanna.

Self defense was next, and the climax of the morning. It was fun and very informative. We learned basic ways to defend ourself and what to do in a dangerous situation that might require self defense. 

Last before lunch was service. More working on the pathway, which, after three more 'shifts' in between ours, had gained some significant improvement. We mostly just filled in more dirt and leveled it out. We put a few more beams in place near the end, but we weren't able to finish it while we were at camp.

Lunch was 'Kansas Haystacks'. They were amazing!!!!!! Fritos piled with sweet pulled pork, sour cream, corn, cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, and a ton of other stuff--totally delicious! 

Just one last hour of level certification in the Rec Room, where we got our camp manuals signed and played 'Poison Dart Frog' with the second levels before setting up five large racks of chairs for the testimony meeting later that night.

After that, we had two and a half hours of FREE TIME!!!!! The first hour and a half was spent at the pool playing 'Tunnel Tag' after grabbing some snacks at the camp store. After a long, exciting game, we finally decided to head back. But it was suspiciously painful to walk up the hill. I looked down at my white flip flops and saw a large spot of red where my big toe rested. Oh dear.

Turns out that, while playing Tunnel Tag, our toes had been scraped repeatedly on the rough floor of the pool and eventually got worn down to the point of bleeding. Needless to say, the long walk back to the cabin was excruciating.

We finally made it back and, horrified at the prospect of hot shower water burn our tender appendages, half-jokingly asked if someone wanted to bandage our feet. They all replied with a resounding "NO!", but then someone who had apparently had the same problem told us to go to the other cabin where one of the older girls was playing the part of 'doctor'. 

We willingly trekked the few yards to the other cabin and found the referred 'doctor'. She quickly accommodated us and our sore feet by sitting our wet and dripping selves on her own cot while she acquired the necessary 'surgical instruments'. She gently wiped the dirt off the wounds with a wet paper towel, anointed them with triple-antibiotic cream, and carefully wrapped several band-aids on each foot. What a great example of being Christlike!!!

With the pain now almost gone, we hobbled back to our cabin and showered. And we didn't notice our toes for the rest of the night! We still had about half an hour of free time, so we played games for a few minutes before heading up to Flag. Our bishops had arrived while we were still on free time, so we hadn't gotten a chance to say hi, but now we took the opportunity to greet our wonderful bishop and tell him all about our camp adventures so far!

The usual routine of flag was followed by an amazing dinner in the Mess Hall. Each camp flag had been taken from the rafters and leaned up against the rail fence outside. In their places were white paper lanterns and other 3-D hanging decorations--all white. The tables had white plastic cloths and burlap as well as small candles in jars, little white flowers in vases, and strings of gold beads and fake coins, etc., on top. Instead of getting our paper or plastic dinnerware in the food line, there were places at the tables already set for us.

And the food!!! The menu informed us that we'd be dining on Heavenly Chicken, Celestial Salad, Paradise Potatoes, Glorious Green Beans, and Blessed Bread. While we were eating, we revealed Secret Sisters! It was so fun to find out who'd been leaving me all those awesome surprises!

Basically, it was amazing!!! After dinner, we had fifteen minutes in our cabin. For about ten minutes, we played camp games, but we got impatient and went outside with our camp chairs to get good seats for Bishop's Night. 

Bishop's Night did not disappoint! The bishops competed in three contests to see who would be the 'Bishop of the Night'. (Or something like that. It was really just for fun!) 

Contest Number One: All nine bishops participated in this one. They each got a fancy collar tied around their neck and a helium balloon. When it was their turn, they stepped forward to where a YCL was holding a piece of paper with the lyrics to the 'Lollipop Guild Song' which was sung in the Wizard of Oz movie. They popped the helium balloon, sucked in the helium, and sang along with the 'Lollipop Guild'! It was HILARIOUS! Totally awesome!

Our bishop and five others progressed to the second contest. Each bishop received a bag containing several items, each representing a Wizard of Oz character. A roll of aluminum foil, a handful of straw, a black cape, and a broom were among the objects. The bishops had to put everything on themselves and make it stay there, then run to three 'bases' and hit them with the brooms.

 Our bishop was one of the first ones done! Thumbs up to him!

The final contest only had three participating bishops, ours included. They had to run to the bases again, but this time they had to shuck one ear of corn at each base. Unfortunately, due to another bishop breaking the rules, both he and our bishop were disqualified. :(

Then we went up to the Rec Building for the last Destiny program. It was all about how to not let your fear stand in your way, like in 'There's No Place Like Home', where the characters decide to push away the fears the Wicked Witch and her Flying Monkeys tried to use to block up the Yellow Brick Road. 

And then it was Testimony Meeting - basically a fountain of tears. One of our YCLs had given us each a gift during Level Certification earlier that day--a package of tissues with a note glued to it: Use me to wipe away your tears whenever you feel the Spirit near. It was a sweet and useful gift! It was so neat to hear the stories and experiences and testimonies of strangers, acquaintances, and close friends. Definitely the spiritual highlight of Girls Camp! 

After Testimony Meeting, we all went back to the Mess Hall and each bishop gave their ward a quick devotional and then a dessert he'd brought.

Back in the cabins, we did our journaling and scripture study, then went to the other cabin to play 'Murder in the Dark' and 'Mexican Horse Ranch'. When those games were over, we Beehives retreated to our cabin and played a card game until two in the morning. (So not smart!)

Then they went to sleep and I quietly packed most of my stuff so I could get a few extra minutes of sleep the next morning. And then I happily crawled into my sleeping bag and drifted off to sleep...


  1. What amazing camp leaders! They worked hard to make sure all the girls had a wonderful, spirit filled, fun experience! Great job capturing it all.

  2. I totally forgot about the whole doctor situation. That year was so fun!!