Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hello Again!

President Boyd K. Packer, age 90, passed away July 3rd at his home.

This has been a busy last week and a half since I last wrote! Just a few hours after my last post, our family piled into the car and drove across the country to visit family in Utah! Yippee!

We arrived last Saturday afternoon and spent some time with my mom's side of the family. On Sunday evening, my little sister was baptized!!! (Read a post about her here.) Monday morning, we got in the car again and drove up to Idaho, where we spent the last five days with my dad's side. Several late nights, a couple of tubing trips, and plenty of cousins later, we made it safely back to Utah and just finished watching lots of great fireworks! 

On another note, President Boyd K. Packer passed away yesterday, July 3rd, at about 2 pm Salt Lake time. He's enjoying the fireworks from a different view this year. :) 

There will now be two new apostles during October's conference. Say prayers for those men and their families, as well as the First Presidency and the remaining Quorum as they prayerfully choose these holy men. 

If you were wondering, here's the new state of things:

President Monson is still the president of the Church and therefore authorized as the only one who can receive revelation for all 15,000,000 of us. President Eyring and President Uchtdorf are still President Monson's counselors. 

The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is down two, though there are still thirteen apostles (if you are confused by this, click here). Russell M. Nelson is the new President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, though he hasn't been sustained yet. Can you imagine how he felt when he heard the news? Here are his last three talks: 

The Sabbath is a Delight--April 2015

Sustaining the Prophets--October 2014

Let Your Faith Show--April 2014

Boyd K. Packer has been giving talks for forty-five years! Here are his last three:

The Plan of Happiness--April 2015

The Reason for Our Hope--October 2014

The Witness--April 2014

I love "The Witness" especially!

Here are several articles remembering President Packer and giving the details about the funeral service:

President Boyd K. Packer Dies At Age 90

5 Things We'll Never Forget About President Boyd K. Packer

President Boyd K. Packer, Champion of Families, Master Teacher, Resolute Defender of LDS Doctrine, Dies at 90

24 Inspiring Quotes from President Boyd K. Packer

Funeral Services Scheduled for President Boyd K. Packer

Anyway, I hope you will take some time to ponder on President Packer's life and example, and say some prayers for his family to be comforted at this time in their lives. 

Happy almost-not-fourth-of-July!! (The time on this post is Eastern Time, but I'm on Mountain Standard Time, so right now it is about 11:15 pm for me, even if the post says 1:15 am.)

Okay, this was supposed to be a short post. Sorry! Good night!


  1. I love President Packer and his bold teachings. He has blessed my life in many ways. I will certainly miss him.

  2. President Packer will be missed, but after the poor health he's been experiencing, I think his release is a blessing. What a wonderful man!

    Can't wait to see you again. Hopefully life calms down enough for us to get together before the 24th!