Saturday, April 9, 2016


The 186th Annual General Conference was held last week, and boy, wasn't it fantastic?! It was sooo nice to feel uplifted and loved and peaceful for eight whole hours. Some of my favorite talks All the talks were great and they definitely resonated with me. And NO, I am not just 'saying that'. It's just a bit hard to describe, you know?

The "book-end" talks were perfect: President Eyring and Elder Holland. Both were a bit emotional and I think that helps the members to realize/internalize that they are really loved and thought about and prayed about by the leaders of the Church, as well as bring the Spirit.

I loved the talks about the temple: Elders Quentin L. Cook and Elder Kent F. Richards.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson spoke to the youth specifically (LOVE it when they do that!!!!!!!!!!) and Elder Mervyn B. Arnold talked about going to the RESCUE. I hadn't heard him before and really enjoyed his talk.

And, of course, President THOMAS S. MONSON gave an inspired, though brief, talk that has a good message and reminder to each of us. Good to hear his deep, assured voice.

Then today I was reading MMM's conference summary (awesome; check them all out!) for the priesthood session, which I didn't have the opportunity to watch this go-around. I searched up President Uchtdorf's talk from that session and skimmed over it. There were humorous parts, because that's President Uchtdorf, but the meat of the talk--wow. Wow. It was directed towards the husbands of today, but I sure hope that all of the future husbands were listening, because it was pretty impressive. Link! Great reminders and tips in that talk.

That's all for today!


  1. Conference was wonderful! Great thoughts!

  2. I loved conference too! I like hearing what touched you most.