Monday, March 28, 2016

Tell it Out With Joyful Voice!

I meant to write this yesterday, but we had an extremely busy Easter! So, just pretend it's still Easter Sunday!

In the well-known Easter hymn, 'He Is Risen', it says "He is risen, He is risen. Tell it out with joyful voice!" I think that the Church's Easter campaign, #Hallelujah, is trying to do exactly that! You never really say "Hallelujah"--you shout it! HALLELUJAH! It is a joyful voice word! So, thank you to all of those who have shared your testimony with a joyful voice, especially if you were in the World's Largest Virtual Choir, singing HALLELUJAH with MoTab!!!! That was impressive! #Hallelujah! I love that word and what it reminds me of!

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