Sunday, December 13, 2015

The BIBLE Challenge!

Welcome to the first official TLPB Challenge! Yesterday I read this article on LDS Living. It has a story from President Spencer W. Kimball, twelfth President of the Church. When he was fourteen years old, a speaker at his Stake Conference asked the audience who among them had read the Bible all the way through. President Kimball said,

"An accusing guilt complex spread over me. I had read many books by that time, the funny papers, and light books, but my accusing heart said to me, ‘You, Spencer Kimball, you have never read that holy book. Why?’ I looked around me at the people in front and on both sides of the hall to see if I was alone in my failure to read the sacred book. Of the thousand people, there were perhaps a half dozen who proudly raised their hands. I slumped down in my seat. I had no thought for the others who had also failed, but only a deep accusing thought for myself. I don’t know what other people were doing and thinking, but I heard no more of the sermon. It had accomplished its work. When the meeting closed, I sought the large double exit door and rushed to my home a block east of the chapel; and I was gritting my teeth and saying to myself, ‘I will. I will. I will.’"

Well, when I read that, I definitely felt guilt sweep over me as well, much the same as it had young Spencer Kimball. Last night, as I was reading my Book of Mormon, I decided that I, too, was going to read the Bible all the way through. I read the letter to King James and the first two chapters of Genesis before I fell asleep. 

I want to officially challenge each of you reading this post to read the Bible all the way through, for the first time or the tenth. Take it at your own pace, but make it a constant one, and read once a day, every day, until you're done. As for myself, I will be reading two chapters a day. 

As you read, keep these as your goals:

      to Believe more fully the words of the Lord
      to Inspire yourself through the voices of prophets 'speaking from the dust'
      to Bolster your spiritual progression
      to Liken the scriptures unto yourself
      to Enlarge your knowledge of the gospel

I can't wait to hear how you succeed in the BIBLE Challenge!!!


  1. I'm IN! I started this morning. Keep me updated on your progress.

    Thanks for the great idea!

    1. Hey, thanks!!! It really helps to know you aren't the only one!! I've been reading about Noah and the Ark. Can you imagine being stuck for months on a boat that surely seems to shrink every day with ALL those ANIMALS?!?!?!

    2. Seriously! I just finished that part. "Ark life" would get old fast!
      I also noticed in reading about Adam and Noah how many natural resources God has given us. So many verses about how God has given man domain over the animals and the plants, etc, for our benefit. I'm beginning to see how much I take for granted!

    3. What is your 'rate'? How much are you reading a day? Do you have a set time to read? Do you read the BofM too or are you just reading the Bible? Just random questions!! :)