Sunday, January 10, 2016

Have a 'Happy Sabbath'!

I don't know how many of you get the Friend magazine each month, but we do, and we were happily surprised to find some changes and additions to the magazine for this year! One of those is the 'Happy Sabbath' section, no doubt stemming from the recent emphasis the Church has been putting on increasing our Sabbath day observance.

The 'Happy Sabbath' page is intended for children, but in truth, it could benefit all of us, because everyone can find another way to lift the Lord's day to a place closer to Him.

In this month's edition, the page has a question: Imagine you were going on a trip to meet a very important person. What would you do to get ready? 

Then it answers the question: You might get nice clothes to wear, learn more about who you were meeting, or mark the day on your calendar. 

Anything starting to sound familiar???

Yes! So, on Sunday, we aren't just going to worship our Father and Creator, we are going to MEET Him - sort meeting him halfway. We bring our best and He sends His Spirit. Anyway, here's what the Friend says:

Heavenly Father has set aside one day a week to be a special day for us, called the Sabbath. For us, the Sabbath is on Sunday. It is a time when we can rest from work, worship Heavenly Father, and spend time with our families. We should get ready for Sunday just as we would get ready for any important day.

This is a short, profound reminder of what we should be doing to prepare for the Lord's Day! For additional inspiration, read Isaiah 58:13, Mark 2:27, and any or all of the additional references listed below President Russell M. Nelson's talk, The Sabbath is a Delight (and of course, the talk itself!). 

And please, have a happy and uplifting Sabbath! (I recommend listening to the new Press Forward youth songs for 2016--phenomenal!!!!!! link)

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. I thought of something I could do to help have a better Sabbath. Thanks again!