Monday, February 1, 2016

Another Late Post...Value Video of the Month: Good Works!

January is...shall we say...not my favorite month. Right up there with September. I apologize to those wonderful people out there who were born in those months or who have set either (or both!) of those as their favorite month(s). But for me, January is a drag. After the initial excitement of the New Year, it deflates fast. School starts back up, the cold comes with a vengeance (even here in the South!), and everyone is trying to be less fat, less tired, less cold, less guilt-stricken with the thought of all the unfinished goals of last year and the impossible ones for this year. Not to mention that January is one of the longest months of the year! Thank goodness for February--OH WAIT! It's a Leap Year! Does this sufficiently explain why I have been a slacker and forgotten January's Value Video? Well, let's not make it any later than it already is!

I loved the music video for 2015's Youth Theme, Embark in the Service of God. The video depicts tons of acts of service, of people doing good works and brightening the hearts of other people.

Go, youth! 

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