Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Value Video of the Month: Divine Nature!!!

Happy September! I have the new "Value Video of the Month" for Divine Nature right here for you:

Our True Identity

Last month, I didn't write much about the video, but I think I'll write a few notes here.

President Uchtdorf is amazing! I love that he told the story of the ugly duckling. I think it is so relatable and applicable, especially to modern-day youth. LDS youth stand out. Everyone can tell that they're different. Maybe they notice that we don't swear, or don't partake of harmful substances. Maybe they see those kids who refuse to cheat on a test, or who don't wear tank tops even when 'everyone else' is.

It's because they know their divine identity--a son or daughter of our God. If they didn't, they would more likely cave into the peer pressure that is being shoved in their faces--from TV, from advertisements, from school. And they wouldn't be able to shine their light.

So, remember that you are a divine son or daughter and don't let anyone sway you from that knowledge! Remember what your responsibility with that knowledge is! Don't be afraid to share your testimony!

Thanks for once again reading my stuff! I love you guys!

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