Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Housekeeping...

All right. My faithful readers/subscribers may have noticed that I have CHANGED the name of the blog! It is now 'That Little Pink Book', or TLPB for short. It seems a little soon to change the name (the blog has only been around for six months), but honestly I have been considering this name change almost since I started the blog. I think it suits the blog better than 'Prayer, Purity, Personal Progress' did and I like that it has a good abbreviation (PPP just didn't seem to work...).

I think the URL ( will stay the same for a while longer, but I will let you know in the near future when I change that, too. It will probably be

Thanks for your patience!!!!!! And please comment and tell me your opinion on the new name!


  1. I'm loving the new look and name of the blog. The new name has a nice ring to it. Love you!

    1. Thank you! I think I am finally starting to figure out some aesthetics after six months--LOL!