Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ready for 'Now'?

Note: If you have not read my post 'Now or Later?' please don't read any farther. Feel free to come back after you've read the aforementioned composition. Thanks!

I told you it would happen! (NOW the question is, can I wait until tomorrow to publish this post so it's in a separate email? We'll find out. Probably not.)

Ready?? Baptism by fire here, folks:


Yep. That coveted Young Women's Recognition Award is mine. Well, almost. I've had my Bishop's Interview and completed everything, but I don't have hard proof. I mean, I have the signatures in my book and all, but I have yet to lay my hands on that gorgeous necklace and the certificate. I am so happy!!!!!

So here is a recap of my Value Projects, if you guys need ideas (and a huge thank you to all the YW I know who suggested great projects that they did that inspired me!).

I memorized 'The Living Christ'! So cool! My testimony of the Savior and His life was really strengthened and solidified through this.

I organized, coordinated, and participated in an annual Christmas Cousin Gift Exchange on both sides of my family. I was able to start it for the first time on my dad's side, and continue the tradition on my mom's side!

Family History! I was able to do ten awesome hours of searching for and reserving names and performing or sharing ordinances for my ancestors! Throughout this project, I visited the Jordan River, Mt. Timpanogos, and Draper Utah temples, as well my 'home' temple, Columbia South Carolina.

I read D&C 89 and committed to ten hours of exercise and preparing a healthy snacks and meals for myself. Many summer evenings, I'd grab my brother and a cousin or two and walk, run, scooter, or bike around the block for 20-30 minutes. And I ate lots of salad!!! :)

I took a week-long tech vacation! This was an interesting one and harder than I expected. Even though I don't have a phone, tablet, or iPod, I was still tempted. For example, the TV show Granite Flats (which is, btw, phenomenal, and produced by BYUtv) is premiering on TV and my siblings and I were anxiously awaiting its release. However, because of my project, I had to be able to suggest not watching the new episode. That was probably the hardest moment throughout the week. (Thankfully, I have caught up on all the episodes.) I stayed away from tech for the majority of the week, but I must admit to giving in for a total of probably 1 1/2 hours. But we are all human, right? Anyway, I spent the time I would have used on technology to get more sleep, read, or finish schoolwork. It was so cool! 

All right, I really loved this one! I put together a recipe book of my favorite recipes, as well as others I've never tried that sound great! I still have lots of room for more as I grow up, but I have enough to give me a start. This is one way to ensure that my future college student self and her roommates won't be eating Chinese takeout every night! :) I think it will also be awesome for a mission. 

You saw this, but I'll link to the post here:

I also posted about my reading of the Book of Mormon here. I love this book!!!

So, there's my Young Women's journey for you, project by project! Please tell me about yours in the comments, whether completed long ago or not yet through. I'd love to hear from you! 


  1. That really is amazing that you were able to accomplish all of this in a year -- plus the experiences! If you continue this pattern throughout your life Satan is going to be shaking in his boots! Great job!