Sunday, April 12, 2015

Know Before You Go...To a Litter Pickup in the Rain

In a post written a couple of weeks ago, I wrote that in the near future I would have two opportunities to complete Good Works Elective Experience #6:

Spend at least three hours giving service outside your family. Ask your ward or branch Relief Society president or a community leader for suggestions for service. For example, you might take care of children while parents attend the temple; collect, make, or recondition toys or games for a nursery; accept an assignment to clean the meetinghouse; or perform errands for or read to a homebound person or others in need. Record in your journal the reactions of the person you served and possible goals for future service opportunities.

On Tuesday, March 31, the Young Women of our ward went to an orphan relief organization and helped them for two hours in their distribution center. We sorted clothes, hung them up or folded them, restocked shelves, and hauled boxes. It was a fun activity and everyone loved the feel of serving.

Yesterday was our town's annual 'Day of Service', which our ward participated in. We were assigned to do a litter pickup at several parks in the area. Our group found some pretty odd things, namely, dozens of zip-ties, a bunch of blue confetti, a $1 coin in a plastic Easter egg, and cat food bowls, just to name a few. 

Oh, and did I mention that it rained? Only lightly, but the ground was a bit muddy, and my shoes and socks were instantly soaked at the toes. Plus, it is apparently gnat season right now, and everyone was swatting at flies. In fact, I found a dead bug in my ear a few hours later!

All in all, it was fantastic service, and I enjoyed it. I hope that everyone gets to have an opportunity to do service and feel the joy it brings!!!


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  1. Service always ends up being more fun and joyful than I initially think it will be. Glad we got to serve together.