Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Follow the Prophet, Follow the Prophet...

President Thomas S. Monson
I hope you all got a chance to watch the 185th Annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!! It was awesome!!! Seriously, best thing on TV since last October, when conference was last held. ☺

I am not going to write about the talks, it's WAAAAY better if you go back and review them yourself!!!!! But here is a link to it...General Conference

Did any of you hear the opposing votes when the First Presidency was presented for a sustaining vote? Didn't it just make you feel absolutely sick????? I think that the intermediate hymn, We Thank Thee O God, For a Prophet, was certainly an inspired pick. Thank you so much to whoever was guided to choose that song!!

I was so excited when they announced the THREE new temples in the Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Thailand! The work is rolling forward.

We are so very blessed to have living prophets to guide us through this sometimes frightening 21st century. We thank thee, o God for a prophet--YES!!!!

Tell me in the comments what you liked about conference!

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  1. I really liked Sister Rosemary M Wixom's talk because she spoke about how it's good to focus on the simple, basic parts of the gospel (i.e., Joseph Smith & Pres. Monson are true prophets, Book of Mormon is true, God loves us, etc.). It's so refreshing!

    1. Oh, yes!!! I loved Elder Kevin Pearson's talk on Enduring to the End, but they were all so wonderful, and if I had tried to post about each of my favorite talks, the post would be a mile long and I'd still be typing it. :-)

  2. I do not even know how to blog. I'm so impressed with yours! This is such a great way to share your Personal Progress experiences with others. I sometimes just want to go and bury my head in the sand when I hear about some of today's current events. I loved Elder Bednar's talk!! It quelled my fears and concerns.