Sunday, May 3, 2015

Yard Sales!!!

This'll be short because I need to leave for a presidency meeting in a few minutes, but I wanted to tell you about our fundraiser yesterday that will pay for half of our $50/ea. fee for Girls Camp. 

I got up at 5:30 am when it was pitch. Black. A friend whose sister can drive picked me up at 5:55 am. It was still really dark outside, but it was just barely getting lighter. As we drove the seven minutes to the church, it continued to get gradually lighter. 

We ate some little donuts when we arrived, then got down to work. By 6:44 am, we were finishing the setup and waiting for the sun to un-numb our hands when we had our first customers. They didn't buy anything, as they had come for the prize object of the yard sale, a bucket of $100 Legos. These had been seriously fought over (one of the contestants being my ten-year-old brother and his friends), but they had already been sold before the yard sale. Oops!

The bake sale had a lot of inventory, but only about five or six different choices. However, they were delicious! 

From about 8 am to 1 pm, when we finished, I stood on the road with my fellow Beehives and waved signs. I also yelled my voice out--which, according to my brother, was not helpful, as nobody could make out what I was saying. It was fun, though. Now I will be sporting a raccoon mask of sunburn and additional freckles to church!

In the end, it was very successful. We made more than a thousand dollars, plenty to fund our Girls Camp fee and some other fun activities. See you sometime this week, same place!

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